The Rent 2 Rent Masterclass

What if you could more than replace your current income in a fairy short period of time? Here at MLCS we have a proven system for entrepreneurs where you'll learn how to locate and secure properties, learn how to do cheap/fast refurbs and how to fill your properties with lovely paying tenants, which will enable you to quickly grow your business.

“I have secured 8 Rent 2 Rent properties and have numbers 9 and 10 lined up! I am also buying a house this year, and none of this would have been possible without the MLCS Family. Thank you!” - Jack Ahmed

There are many struggling landlords out there needing your help and it’s your job to find them and offer solutions to their problems.

Whether you’re a complete newbie or have a few years of experience with multi-lets, HERE'S THE TRUTH: In these uncertain times and now more than ever before, landlords and agents REALLY need our assistance.  

But like many of the students who have already completed our training, you might have a few doubts as to whether this is a GOOD TIME TO GET STARTED and exactly where to start? If that’s the case, MLCS Online is the perfect and only Sat Nav you’ll ever need to create a VERY SUCCESSFUL AND HUGELY PROFITABLE Rent 2 Rent business.   

The average Rent 2 Rent property in the MLCS community makes £800 net pcm, how many would you need to replace your income?

MLCS Online is Officially OPEN for Enrolement

The MLCS Six Pack

But here’s the thing; we really want you to get the BEST and FASTEST results possible and leapfrog above the competition, so we’ve come up with the perfect strategy to enable you to immediately utilise THE FULL POWER OF RENT 2 RENT and hit the ground running. Book your training TODAY and we’ll immedciately delivier the MLCS Six-Pack straight to your inbox as an awesome FREE bonus!

But here’s the thing;

We want you to get the BEST and FASTEST results possible and leap frog above the competition, so we’ve come up with the perfect answer to enable you to immediately utilise THE FULL POWER OF RENT 2 RENT and hit the ground running. Book your training TODAY and by the End of This Program, You'll Have Mastered:

  • How to Locate and Secure Deals

    Consistency will become second nature as you build an endless pipeline of deals

  • How to Negotiate with the Landlords

    Knowing the high and low value negotiables when you’re speaking with landlords and agentsnegot

  • The Easy MLCS Refurb Process

    Learning exactly where to spend money to add value and how to find and endless supply of cheap furnishings

  • How to Attract High Paying Tenants

    Using the correct language in your marketing to attract only the best quality tenants

  • A Simple System to Manage your Business

    Our software The Engine Room is the envy of many property professionals and will make running your business so simple

We Also Include The legendary Manual that everyone wants to get their hands on!

Often referred to as the ‘Rent 2 Rent Bible’ or a ‘Complete Business in a Box’, this 260-page, full colour, hard copy, high quality Rent 2 Rent manual is included in the price and will answer EVERY Rent 2 Rent question you may have... and then some.

We get it in the post to you as soon as you purchase The Rent 2 Rent Bible contains all the interactive information you’ll need to launch your Rent 2 Rent business and build a consistent monthly income. It’ll show you step by step how to reach financial independence and quickly quit the day job (if that’s what you want to do). If you follow the proven step-by-step systems and processes, this manual has the ability to literally change your life as it’s already done for so many of our students.

Burning Q’s Your Fellow MLCS Graduates Asked Before Purchasing

  • Will this course give me everything I need?

    We guarantee that you will get everything you need to kick start your high cash-flowing Rent 2 Rent business.

  • Will I get the contracts and all documents?

    We’ve paid circa £2.5k to date for the contract we use with agents and direct to landlords, plus you’ll get our specific AST. We also give you absolutely every document you’ll ever need, and if we’ve missed anything, just let us know and we’ll source it for you and add it to the files as part of our ‘business-in-a-box’ deal. This will save you countless hours searching the internet.

  • Will I get a manual?

    Yes. As well as our legendary 250 full colour interactive manual delivered to your door, you’ll also get a downloadable digital workbook to use as you go through the course.

  • Will I get some ongoing support?

    YES! This is actually HUGE. As soon as you buy the training, we’ll send you a link to access our lifetime support group. There’s no time restriction or limited access... it’s lifetime support! Whenever you are feeling stuck just type in a question and you usually get an answer within 24 hours. It’s like the Oracle.

  • Will Rent 2 Rent work anywhere?

    There are people getting great success with this strategy all over the UK and in many other parts of the world. The secret is to know your area and we can help you with this.

  • Is now a good time to be getting into Rent 2 Rent?

    This is a perfect time – lending is strict, there is a housing shortage and immigration remains high. Coupled with the fact that Universities are building dedicated student housing, this means there are many properties available and demand for rooms is high.

  • How many properties can I secure in a year?

    How long is a piece of string? All you need to do is to find one agent who you are able to work with and they ‘could’ feed you one property per month.

  • Why would a landlord give control of his house to you?

    Many reasons: Nearing retirement age but not wanting to sell, living out of the area, fed up with the student market, fed up with local agents, spending more time traveling or with a ,loved one, etc.

  • Can you set up properties fast?

    The fastest we have seen a property set-up and making money was in 3 days from the initial viewing to the rooms filled with paying tenants.

Course Content

    1. Welcome

    2. MLCS Online Workbook

    3. Getting to Know You!

    1. What is Rent 2 Rent?

    1. Building Your Credibility

    1. Legals, licensing and Article 4

    1. Identifying Your Goldmine Area

    1. Identifying the Properties and what to Offer

About this course

  • £597
  • 28 Lessons

Two great reasons to train with us…

  • Rent 2 Rent is without a doubt, THE BEST and the FASTEST investing strategy for building a rock solid cashflow

  • We are the UK’s #1 RENT 2 RENT TRAINING COMPANY and our MLCS family consistently amazing results.


Francis Dolley

Lives in Somerset, has authored four books and co-authored seven extensive property manuals. Has trained thousands of people to be Rent 2 Rent ninja’s. Used to work in construction with at one time 17 employees. Owns single and multi-lets as well as controlling a large Rent 2 Rent portfolio in Bristol. Played football all over the eastern bloc, loves Game of Thrones and a good movie. Enjoys running 10k assault courses with friends. Can often be found playing New Orleans or Chicago blues and singing at full volume.

Will Matthews

Graduated from Plymouth University with a BA in International Business and also lives in Bristol. Has a passion for working with people and joined the MLCS team in 2013. Will recently bought a house and became a doting dad. Has a big social circle, a busy social life. Will has made it his mission to get everyone up to speed with the amazing ENGINE ROOM multi-let manager software.

MLCS Online is Officially OPEN for Enrolement